pkg_score() calculates the risk involved with using a package. Risk ranges from 0 (low-risk) to 1 (high-risk).

pkg_score(x, ..., error_handler = score_error_default)



A pkg_metric object, whose subclass is used to choose the appropriate scoring method for the atomic metric metadata. Optionally, a tibble can be provided, in which cases all pkg_metric values will be scored.


Additional arguments passed to summarize_scores when an object of class tbl_df is provided, unused otherwise.


Specify a function to be called if the class can't be identified. Most commonly this occurs for pkg_metric objects of subclass pkg_metric_error, which is produced when an error is encountered when calculating an associated assessment.


A numeric value if a single pkg_metric is provided, or a tibble with pkg_metric objects scored and returned as numeric values when a tibble is provided.

See also

score_error_default score_error_zero score_error_NA


# scoring a single assessment metric_score(assess_has_news(pkg_ref("riskmetric")))
#> [1] 1
# scoring many assessments as a tibble if (FALSE) { library(dplyr) pkg_score(pkg_assess(as_tibble(pkg_ref(c("riskmetric", "riskmetric"))))) }